Brian Evans Fall 2011 Texturing and Modeling Demo Reel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An introduction of sorts

Alright. So, somehow you found my blog. For all curious, there will be no singing involved, nor am I a doctor, and I sure as heck ain't horrible. Well... what am I doing here then?
Most of all, I am here to share my art and the progress on my short. Some people that I've talked to are afraid of being judged before the final product is ready. This, I can understand in context of working on a large motion picture or some other format where funding is involved and profits are on the line.
Me? I wan't feedback. Granted, I won't reveal everything since I still want an air of mystery so people will actually go and watch the final product. If anyone wants to volunteer to help on this project, by all means. Just be aware that I can't pay you and I don't expect any kind of revenue to come in from this short. Except for possible jobs later on, but that's kind of jumping the gun here.

What's the short called? I had a title a while back called "Fireship." However, the story has since evolved and morphed to a point where the title isn't relevant any longer. For lack of a better title, henceforth the working title shall be "Coffee is Awesome!"

A general overview as to what type of short I'm working on.
Type of film: Short form computer animation.
Genre: Cyberpunk
Budget: $0

This is the main character, Hraun.

I'm currently working on texturing her. So, the next update that relates to this will probably be when I'm done texturing the model.

Beyond the short, a good deal of my other posts will be my random thoughts on whatever crosses my mind.